Yes, you CAN still make a profit from direct mail acquisition

Here’s how the NSW SES Volunteers Association found 2,041 new donors and raised $2.03 for every $1 spent … winning the tax campaign a 2018 FIA Award for ‘Donor Acquisition’.

The NSW SES Volunteers Association’s (NSW SES VA) supports brave SES volunteers who are injured or lose property while saving others during emergencies like floods and storms.

For years the organisation relied on income from an outsourced telemarketing raffle program. Then in 2017 the decision was made to diversify and grow income, starting with a direct mail campaign to a selection of prospects from the organisation’s huge database of raffle buyers. None had been invited to donate before.

The raffle database was segmented into three distinct groups. A group was selected from each to test their responsiveness to direct mail, in anticipation of future campaign roll-outs.

People were asked to give to ‘help the helpers’ in a letter that included examples and photos of dramatic rescues.

Campaign timing proved perfect, as record floods and weather events meant the selflessness of SES volunteers was fresh in people’s minds.

Results helped the campaign win a 2018 FIA Award for ‘Donor Acquisition’.

$112,830 was generated against a $30,000 target.

2,041 new donors were accquired. The response rate was 13.0% with an average donation of $55 and an exceptional ROI of $2.03.

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