What our clients have to say about us...

Corene Strauss, Chief Executive Officer, Special Olympics Australia

“I have been using Focus since 2009 and consider the quality of service and support outstanding.  I am hugely impressed at Vic’s understanding of the data and his extensive experience in direct mail.  This is an agency where you feel like you are always the number one priority even if they are juggling a million balls at once.  I would not hesitate to recommend Focus Fundraising if you want an agency who has your back.  Always.”

Kel Beckett, Director Philanthropy & Marketing, Royal Rehab

“I have worked with Focus Fundraising for a number of years across 4 different NFP organisations.

All these organisations have had limited resources in terms of manpower and dollars so Focus’s ability to provide a seamless one stop product offering at very competitive pricing is hard to go past.

But the main reason I continue to utilize their direct marketing services is simple, results! Their work has made a significant difference to each organization where I have utilized their services.

For example at the Schizophrenia Research Institute in conjunction with Focus we conducted a comprehensive review of the direct mail program resulting in a 25.5% increase in response rates and a 38.3% increase in income.

I completely trust their team to represent our company professionally with our clients at all times and their integrity is impeccable.

I would encourage any NFP that is considering out sourcing their direct mail program to a consultancy to strongly consider giving Focus Fundraising an opportunity.”

Andrew Markwell, CFRE FFIA

"Many years ago, when I was Director of Fundraising at Sydney Uni I tried to hire Vic because he was the best in the business – bad luck for me that he accepted a better offer and Focus Fundraising was born.

I’ve been using Vic and Focus since with great results – we’ve won some FIA awards together. Needless to say, Vic and I are planning the next appeal.”